The Vision of New Beginning

The Vision of New Beginning

The vision begins with me looking at a clay flowerpot floating in the air. The pot is gently moving as it is carried by the wind on a clear day, no rain or clouds, just wind. I find myself along the side of the pot and together the wind takes us on a soothing journey with no cares or concerns. This gave me an opportunity to focus and take a closer look at the pot. I saw on the outside of this clay vessel a very strong silver linked chain wrapped around it. It looked like the chain was holding the pot together because I could also see hairline cracks in the clay. When I looked closer to each link, I notice the Greek symbols for Alpha and Omega made the formation of them.


Next, my eyes went from looking at the side of the pot to focusing upward to the lip portion of the vessel. I noticed there were words written in a language that I was able to understand with a Greek font. The words "LIFE AND DEATH LIFE AND DEATH LIFE AND DEATH" were carved into the clay as it circled the entire rim. The wind began to take me a little higher than the pot which allowed me to look inside. I was surprised not to see dirt or a plant. Instead, I found smooth black stones piled on top of each other that appeared dry and dusty as if they had been baking in the sun.


As I looked closely at the stones, I notice a glow was coming out from their midst. At first, I did not see anything but black stones, but then this glow became a small LIGHT rising and getting brighter, like a plant emerging from the soil. As the LIGHT emerged, it was surrounded by a plate of glass that separated it from the black stones. As the LIGHT would get brighter and brighter a distinct aroma began to arise filling my nostrils with the scent of fresh cut roses. I closed my eyes to enjoy this fragrance. This posture of rest gave me peace and comfort. When I opened my eyes, I was no longer above the clay pot, but within the midst of it with the LIGHT.


There was an awe of silence and peace all around me that I cannot described by my natural thoughts yet gave me no concern or desire to even consider. I looked at my hands and feet and noticed my body had on the same clothes I was familiar with while outside this clay vessel, but they now looked different with a freshness and cleanness that no amount of washing I could have done would have accomplished. Again, something I could not explain, but simply accepted with the presence of where I was at. 


I turned away from the center of the LIGHT to view my surroundings and found myself able to look through the glass. I noticed that the black stones no longer looked black as they did when I was outside the clay pot, but where stones of an array of many colors (blue, purple, orange, green, yellow, and red). These colors were not solid but had a transparent glow that changed the boundaries of the formation of the stones. I noticed that as I moved closer to the glass the color of the stones would change to white. I also noticed that the glass simply vanished to where I could extend my hand and touch the stones. As soon as my fingers contacted the stones, their boundaries of form diminished allowing my hand to penetrate within it. A succession of LIGHT began traveling going beyond the stone that I touched to the stones around it. All the black stones took on a transformation of arrays of glowing color that became so intense that all that was visible was the transfiguration into LIGHT.


Suddenly a noise filled the atmosphere that broke the silence. It was not a fearful noise, but one that transforms death into LIFE. The chain links around the clay vessel broke and the pot itself shattered. The stones were released into the air in their metamorphous form. They filled the earth as LIGHT form replacing darkness. The Holy Spirit witnessed to me that these black stones are diamonds in the rough. When the presence of God comes into the presence of man, every knee will bow, and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord filling the earth with the glory (sons) of God.


I heard the voice of God say, "I am not interested in making something right, for then there must be something wrong, but manifesting wholeness which comes by faith in believing I AM. Everything I AM is ETERNAL, not a onetime event. Within each of My creations is My "Holy Thing" that was also in Mary. Jesus Christ is My only begotten son in whom I AM well pleased. I have resurrected my WORD where death has no power. The fullness of MY body is being transformed with the presence of ME, and the death of emptiness has been filled with "Let My Will Be Done According to Your Word." Out of the heart My mouth will speak filling the atmosphere with My heart, My identity, My nature, where every knee will bow, and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord of ALL. I AM removing the veil of blindness (race, religion, politics, economics, and gender) and opening the eyes of MY LOVE and MERCY from the inner most part of my throne to give power and authority to those that call me ABBA. I move by faith, not by sight. Faith is the evidence of THINGS hoped for. How big is your faith? What is the hope of your desire and calling? Nothing is impossible for me for those that believe.