The NOW Moment

The NOW Moment

"There will be weeping and grinding of teeth when you see Abraham and Isaac and Jacob and all the prophets in the kingdom of God, but you yourselves being cast forth (banished, driven away)" (Luke 13:28 AMP).

Today, we live at a time in history with the ability to capture our NOW moment using cameras, videos, and other media resources, bringing our yesterdays to our remembrance of today. Have you ever noticed while looking through photos and reminiscing over the past vacations, birthday parties, or family holidays that we tend to remember those moments with more intensity than when we were there? We will often reflect on certain words that were spoken that made us feel good, or the smell of the air as we look at the pictures of the mountains. We can look at our pictures at the beach and hear the seagulls flying nearby, or the waves crashing on the shore.

What is amazing is that at the moment we were experiencing the event, we rarely had the intensity of the experience as we are able to recall looking at the pictures. We were just there. So, it will be in the Kingdom of God. Today, we have the fullness of His Love, His Life, and the intensity of His presence; yet it isn't until we move into another day reflecting on the event that we see His presence had always been with us.

Those that have gone before us have the fullness of His presence, yet they cannot share this intensity with others because they too have the fullness of Christ Jesus. True Love must be shared with a servant's heart unconditionally. For this cause they surround us as a cloud of witness to encourage us to grasp the moment NOW bringing the Kingdom of God into our time allowing the intensity of the moment to be manifested.

Don't wait until you look back at the pictures to wish that you had captured the moment of the fullness and intensity of God's Love releasing Christ in you into the atmosphere of your time. Take your time to bring the eternal presence of Christ into your day by capturing the moments to give a hug to a stranger, rejoice at the laughter of a child playing in the dirt, blessing the person with peace that is late for an appointment, doing the little things for others that will be appreciated, but they won't know who did them.

God is a consuming fire. His Word, His presence, is a lake of fire. If we allow the consuming fire of His presence to manifest the intensity of the moment, the pictures from our past will be our NOW in the earth taking away the gnashing of teeth of tomorrow. The enemy of God wants to keep you enjoying the good of life instead of capturing the Excellency of His calling that is yours today. The truth that exists, but you are ignorant of, is the domain of antichrist. There will be many Christians gnashing their teeth because they chose complacency of the moment.