Searching for Eden

Searching for Eden

For many people the quest to search for the Biblical Eden referred to in the book of Genesis involves seeking out archeological geographic realms in different locations on this earth. Some people have thought they may have found evidence, but the search continues for those that limit the understanding of Eden to a natural place.


For those of us that ask the question "where is Eden in relationship to what the Holy Spirit desires for me to know and apply for my life," we must reconsider that even though Eden may actually have been a physical place at one time, today, it means something else that can be applied to my life.


Consider this: The Garden of Eden is a center place, the connecting factor where heaven and earth meet. Eden is higher than heaven and higher than earth. What I mean by this is that Heaven is a Spirit domain of invisibility: The domain of God's Spirit. This realm is so powerful and mighty consisting of the totality of LOVE. Spirit is God's essence looking to manifest. "God so loved" is such an accumulation of what was in the Spirit that it had to be manifested: "God so loved, He gave."


God took out of the realm of Spirit and created Eden: A spiritual domain to give us a shadow in the natural. Eden is the place where God brought both heaven and earth into manifestation as one producing something new that was greater than both yet manifested both at the same time. It is not bringing two different kinds together trying to produce something different, but they themselves remain different. God brought two realms; the realm of heaven and the realm of earth together, and produced something new called "Eden" where neither realm could be alone.


Out of this union, God created an image: a mind, a shadow of His own perfection. This man was so superhuman being the grand finally of all that God created. He was not only created in the image of God, but the exact likeness. Adam was a profile, a representation, a model image of all that God is. God being Spirit gave man the "exact likeness" that He was; His essence, character, and the light of Himself (Psalm 17:15).


God is our invisibility, and we are His personification. The nature of God is our heredity which means the genetic characteristics of God are passed down from generation to generation. It is part of the DNA coding instilled in man in the beginning (Genesis 1:26). The genetic characteristics transmitted from parent to offspring are governed by two strong forces: heredity defining your "kind," and environment defining all conditions and influences from without. Neither is sufficient alone to mold who you are. We are of the Kingdom of God, but to survive we must live in the environment of the Kingdom of Heaven.


Without the environment, we are still the identity of God but without the Life. The organism must unite with its environment in order to live. It is not enough to be born again, spirit beings, defined in nature. We must have the environment which creates us to live, move, and have our being.  Son ship must be the environment for sons of God to live. We must have the Kingdom of Heaven to be kings of God.


Jesus came to restore to mankind our rightful inheritance of being sons of God created in His image and likeness. He is the head of His body. Everything that identifies Jesus in Scripture we are today in one cell of His body; however, we must live in the environment of the Kingdom of Heaven with the mind of Christ to be connected to His body in order for the power and authority of our "son-ship identity" to flow with His likeness.


The Kingdom of God is within us; it is our Eden on this earth. The only war we have is the unshakeable images of what we believe within our own imaginations. We act the way we act because we believe the way we believe. Scripture tells us to give no place to the devil. God does not share Himself with another. He is the author and finisher of Life, and that Life is resident within us today. It is by the Faith of God; His love, His mercy, His grace that we rest in that brings forth the Garden of Eden in our lives. We are to test the spirits to see what fruit is being produced.
May your Garden of Eden bear the fruit of the Holy Spirit so that when others are brought across your path, they are drawn to our Heavenly Father that Christ will be manifested all in ALL.