New Seasons of the Move of God

New Seasons of the Move of God

What I'd like to give you are insights that I've been studying for several weeks now, counting the Omer during this 20/20 year of hindsight, of seeing clearly. As we count the Omer, the season between Passover resurrection that we would refer to as Easter, Pentecost, or Shavuot (which is 50 days later), we see these 50 days as a blessing period. It's called the Feast of Weeks. And this is the time that the Lord said in the Old Testament that you don't have to count the Omer, but if you do, you will be blessed. It's a daily encounter with the Lord. It’s not going to make a difference whether or not you fully come through Passover, but it does make a difference of how you understand it and the relationship with the Holy Spirit that is received as the corporate body church at Pentecost.

So, we are currently just about at Pentecost in the middle of a global pandemic. A lot has happened around the world– isolation, churches closing, synagogues closing, social distancing. The Lord is doing a mighty, mighty move. Something we all know is the definition for insanity is if we keep doing the same thing repeatedly expecting a different result. Well, we've got to wake up and realize that God is trying to shake us all out of our insanity of how we've been praying, how we've been in a relationship with Him, of what we're calling ourselves as Christians, of what we're calling ourselves as His church.

If you've ever been in an in-depth Bible study, you’re probably familiar with hearing, "What season are we in?" And you'll hear terminologies like, "Oh, we're in the Elijah movement," or "We're in the Joshua generation," or "We're in the kingdom now movement," or "The third generation unveiling," or, "The movement of the Holy Spirit."

In the past, these became denominations of Baptist movement, the Lutheran movement, the Catholic movement, the Pentecostal movements. So what movement are we in now? Well, this one is off the charts, because what the Lord has shown me is this is the movement of Dinah, D-I-N-A-H. The Dinah Generation. And I know for many theologians that have studied, they don't even recognize that name in the Bible, because historically, women were not often recognized. I say that because when we go to the Old Testament, we will all agree as theologians, as Bible scholars, that the first five books of the Old Testament were written by Moses. We agree on that. We agree that Genesis was inspired by the Holy Spirit given to Moses.

If we stop and really start asking why questions, when we think about this, instead of just, "Yeah, Moses wrote it," recognize that Moses was writing everything that Christians are believing, what Bible scholars are believing, coming out of Genesis. And yet Moses wasn't there. Moses wasn’t even on the scene. So, with everything he's coming through to show us, there's a purpose and a reason of why that particular amount of information was given to us while other things were left out.

Why did Moses only write this? Why did we need to know this in the book of Genesis? But then he didn't write about this. Obviously in the book of Genesis, we have many generations taking place. So, we had many men and women. Yet in Genesis, we're only given names of certain men or women. It's not that the other people were not important or significant in what God was doing, but this is what Moses was told by God to give to us of what we needed to know for such a time as now.

Well, where I am going is in the book of Genesis, there is a woman named Dinah. This woman is Jacob's daughter. If you recall, Jacob had 12 sons, but he also had one daughter. Where's the daughter? 

At this point, Moses has brought all the children 430 years later out of Egyptian bondage and crossed over the Red Sea. They're in the wilderness, and he's being given all this revelation about the inheritance for the tribes. If we tried to write down what we know of about 10 or 11 generations ago of just your own family life, what would you write down? We're talking about the great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great kind of relatives or your ancestors.

So, these children that are in bondage in Egypt, everything is just being trickled down of oral communication. Moses at the same time is being inspired by God to give us thousands of years later in the beginning. What does that mean? What is he really trying to pull together of our inheritance and what we're following now?

Moses is giving a land inheritance of a promised land to 12 tribes. He's told 11 of these tribes will have certain literal land locations. The Levitical tribes would have refuge cities within those locations, and that would be their place of domain.

But wait a second. What about Dinah? Was she not a child of Jacob? Where was her inheritance? And of course, theologians have come across and said, "Well, she was a woman and women didn't inherit anything." Hmm. Let's investigate. If we look in Numbers 28, we find that one of the lineages of the son of Manasseh, which is a son of Joseph, only had daughters, no sons.

They go to Moses, and they say, "Our father did not have any sons, but should not our father's name be remembered? Do not the daughters deserve an inheritance?" Moses took it before the Lord. And the Lord said, "Yes, they do."

The hang-up is that is the end. We're not told where this inheritance is at. We're not told a plot of land of where that existed. It's just, yep, they deserve an inheritance, then that’s all we hear. So, what's happening? Where does all this go back?

I believe the land inheritance is the land, not of the literal land, as the 12 sons were taking place, but the inheritance that the bride of Christ, the glory that is filled in this earth, is the inheritance. 

It's the inheritance of the bigger picture that is being unveiled.

Where I pull all that from is in Genesis. Moses could not have decreed that these women in Numbers, according to the Lord, had rightful rights to have an inheritance by their father's name, and then turn around and give us the understanding of Jacob having a daughter named Dinah. And where was her inheritance? Where was the inheritance that was prophesied? The prophetic vision that Moses was given to write Genesis.

These are the kind of questions that I hope can stir in you to look back and find out, and to find out also that the inheritance that the women received did not just come from their own father, but it went all the way back to the promised inheritance of all their fathers' ancestors, including Manasseh's inheritance and Joseph's inheritance.

What we must recognize is that when you are born again and you know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, the born-again experience is a turning around experience. It's not that you're choosing him, but that he chose you. He chose you before the foundation of the world. You were with him in spirit in the very beginning in Genesis. And it was up to God to make the determination of what your sex gender was going to be, what country you were going to be born into, and who your parents were going to be. You didn't get to choose any of that. He chose what language you were going to be born into and the historical time. He could have put you in the year 500. He could have put you in a BC instead of an AD season, but he chose this time for you to carry specific treasures, gifts, and callings for you to bring transformation in the unity of the body of Christ.

That body of Christ is more than what we refer to as believers in Jesus Christ. It's all of humanity because Jesus died once and for all. He didn't leave anything for the enemy. So, when people tell you you're unworthy, you're not good enough, your faith isn't strong enough, you’ve got the wrong God, we’ve got the right God, you’ve got the wrong religion, and whatever else they may say—it’s junk. That's the enemy trying to devalue the fact that you were born as a child of God under the cross and the resurrection. There has not been a first Adam since the resurrection because when Jesus went down to the grave, death, and hell, he emptied it. He took it all. He didn't leave anybody down there.

There is absolutely no way that our will is stronger than his plan. We can pretend it is. We can think that we can deny him and this and that, but when push comes to shove, Jesus Christ, the light of the world is standing before you. It's not a matter of you choosing him or darkness, it's the fact that darkness cannot exist. And when we grasp that, we realize every knee shall bow and every tongue confess, not because we're being beaten into it, but because of a desire to love. When love is consuming you and the banner of love is overwhelming you, that's the DNA within our own spirit speaking from a desire to let everything go. It's the freedom that you can fall backwards with your eyes closed and know that he's got you. You're in the palm of his hands.

The finished work of what the resurrection really accomplished is about bringing Heaven’s kingdom into this realm. This is the hope and the calling that all the patriots of the Old Testament have longed for, that Hebrews 11 talks about. They've waited for this day because there is only one body, and the body of Christ is inclusive of those that have already crossed over. They got a portion of understanding, but they didn't get it all. We, on this side, in the form of being able to speak the word, can declare the finished work. What they, this cloud of witnesses on the other side (yes, your grandmother, your great-grandmother, all the way back to the beginning of time) have been longing for us to say is, "Death, where is your sting?" It's not there because we are spirit beings, and our spirit then speaks to our soul, and our soul speaks to the body, but it's coming from a heavenly position.

You see, while pastors talk about wanting to go to the other side with no tears, no death, no negativity, the longing on the other side is saying, "You got all the goods right now, but you don't know it." You don't know it because you're living a lie less than the truth that sets you free. The truth that Christ in you is the hope of glory and that you are in him, that you died already, and that the life that you now live is Christ's life.

Go to Isaiah 52:6 where it says, "Therefore, my people shall know my name." That knowing is not just intellectual, it's intimate. It's a knowing of the Song of Songs that Solomon talked about. It's an intimacy knowing that a husband and wife have, that produces seed, that produces children. When we know Jesus Christ in that kind of a knowing we have his word within us, and his word is growing and moving, and it's being developed because whether you're a male or female, it talks about spiritual womb. In the womb-man, when Jesus Christ places his word within you, his spirit within you, and it develops, you read his word and the spirit quickens it and it makes more of a development and a growth. It is a growth that out of your inner most being, out of your belly flows rivers of living water. Just like a fountain of living water, the Word is growing. But it's going to get circumcised by the heart because the heart is where the throne of God is, and it's going to be a warfare.

But then out of your mouth, the heart speaks. Are you speaking with a double tongue? Are you speaking life or death? Are you speaking out of a tree of knowledge of good and evil? Or are you speaking with a single eye, with a single thought that says life, light, and love? That there is no darkness, no death, no sting. The world talks about anxiety, talks about fear, talks about viruses and diseases that can get you– so many what ifs. But greater is he that is in you, than this conversation that's going on in the world.

Greater is he. That's not just a nice saying, that's not just a ticket of I'm higher and you're lower. No, it's authority and its power. By the grace of God, released through the Holy Spirit, the rest of the world’s dynamics are at a lower frequency than what you're speaking by his presence. But you must know the presence. You must know who is good, what is good. You see the tree of knowledge of good and evil has a good in there, but the tree of life has an essence of the fruit of the holy spirit called goodness.

So that when God in the beginning spoke, "Let there be light." He wasn't just, "Okay, let's turn a flashlight on." Or "Let's just turn the light on in the room." No, he was speaking life because James tells us that he is the father of lights. He was giving birth. He was speaking his seed out from multiplicities of himself taking forth. And when we understand that intensity of light and when he does a double witness by using the word good and says, "It is good." He is not saying, "Huh, good job. Yeah, that's good." Or "That meets my approval." No, it's more than that. He gave an identity to the word good. He gave an identity of himself to the word light, as the essence.

Just like the fruit of the Holy Spirit, when he uses kindness, love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, faithfulness, self-control– all of those are identifications. They're not just, "Oh, it feels good." Kindness is his kind– divine kind. That's who you are. You can't be a sinner saved by grace and a God kind and expect that the sinner saved by grace is going to have the anointing to be able to lay hands on someone and heal the sick and do the greater works that Jesus wanted us to do. You must be able to move into your identity, know that you are of a royal priesthood, you're of a holy nation now, not just getting it on the other side, but all of that is for now. And that's what the holy spirit is speaking, speaking to a company of people now.

Isaiah 52:7. "How lovely on the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news. Who announces peace and brings good news of happiness. Who announces of salvation and says to Zion, 'Your God reigns.'" That's where we're at. But you know who's speaking that? Go back to verse six. "Therefore, my people shall know my name. Therefore, in that day I am the one who is speaking."

See, when you have that kind of relationship with Jesus Christ, when you speak, it is him speaking. You've given him (and I'll use some new age words) a channeling vessel, a living vessel, so that heaven's authority can come down through you and speak through you. And the world is going to argue. The world is going to say things like “women are not supposed to preach out there, that'll be a shutdown, you’ve got your doctrine wrong. Where's the rapture in here? We're expecting this and this. How can so many people throughout all of history and all the seminary schools and stuff not be teaching this? You're way off in left field.” 

Those people are not teaching it because it wasn't their time. Today is the day. Today is the hour. And God is opening a whole new understanding that is so inclusive of everything, of recognizing that he owns it all. The enemy doesn't have any rights, except what we end up speaking out of our own insecurities, out of our own doubts, out of our own traditions of men, that this is the way we've always done it. Watch your words.

And when you pray, you pray without ceasing. What does that mean? It means you're always talking to God. You're always talking to your Heavenly Father because he goes with you wherever you go. My greatest hunger and thirst are that the treasures that are in me are fulfilled. That he gave me my assignment, and that it is released into this world because the world is groaning for it. And until that assignment is completed, no enemy can take you, but you must believe that. A virus can't take you. Cancer can't take you. Disease and sickness can't take you. Now, don't challenge God by go jumping off a cliff. But when Jesus Christ, Christ in you, is moving and having his being in this earth, it's the same effect that Jesus of Nazareth walked on this earth with where nothing could touch him.

Honor God first, with all your spirit, all your soul, and all your heart, leaning into his understanding through a love language of life, and light, and love. Being the light of the world that you're in. I don't know everything, but I know that my nuggets need to connect with somebody else's nuggets. That God is speaking that same thing to them and they're not finding it in your traditional Christian atmosphere. Because a lot of the traditional Christian atmospheres are living in a fear of complacency.

I hear an awful lot of people saying, "The world's coming to an end. The world's coming to an end. The Rapture is going to happen." And of course, we've heard that for many, many, many years, and then when it doesn't happen, people kind of lose faith in God. It's like, "Well, I thought this was supposed to occur and it didn't." 

Psychology Christians is the term I use if you do good, you don't cheat on your spouse, you don't beat your kids, you pay your taxes, you try to live a healthy life, you don't lie, you don't cheat, you don't steal, and you believe in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. You're going to go to heaven someday, but in the meantime, you're just going to hang on. That's not kingdom. Kingdom is bringing the kingdom into this earth now. This millennial time period of a thousand-year reign, it's not a literal thousand years, but it's an eternal presence. One God, one body, one spirit, for all eternity (Ephesians 4:3-7).