God's Habitation In You

God's Habitation In You

"All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made", John 1:3.


Think about these thoughts: God never inhabits anything that He has not built or created, and God always starts with a finished work. When Moses was first given instructions to build a dwelling place for God he was instructed to start with the Holy of Holies. In Jeremiah the first chapter we are told that God already knew us before the foundations of the world, before we entered into our mother's womb. Now, with those thoughts lets go to scripture:


Exodus 20:3-5 says, "Thou shall have no other gods before me. Thou shall not make unto thee any graven image or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. Thou shall not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them…."


(A rabbit trail to go on is the fact that this scripture tells us that there is water, which represents the Word, is found under the earth. So much for where hell is suppose to be.)


Back to the lesson; While Moses was up on the mountain the children of God were making an image of a golden calf according to the way they saw what God was suppose to look like. In Ex. 32 Moses tries to go before the Lord to bring atonement for their sin. He goes before God and declared that they have sinned a great sin and made gods of gold, people worshiping the wealth they possessed, the root of all evil. However, in verse 32 Moses ask for their forgiveness sacrificing his own life for their sake to the Lord. God responds to Moses in the next verses by showing him the finished work of Jesus. It wouldn't be Moses that would blot out the sins of the people which he knew the son of God had the power to do from his upbringing as Pharaoh's son. God told him to take the people to a place that He would visit sending the Angel of the Lord before them. This place was Calvary where all sin of mankind has been atoned for by the blood of Jesus Christ. He became the book of Life taking on flesh to do away with sin bringing in a New Covenant. Jesus existed in the very beginning before he was known as Jesus. We were all spiritually alive before we came into our bodies just as Jesus was the Angel of the Lord that came before us (Ex. 32:34).


God designed to Levitical Priesthood to be the intercessor for the sins of the people until the finished work of Jesus was manifested in the earth. The feast days were a celebration of a day that would come, while sin was being covered up, but not being done away with. Since no man could do away with sin, the tabernacle could not be built from the inside out; it had to be built from the outside in. The New Covenant is for the building of the tabernacle starting with the Holy of Holies and building to the outer court. However, what we call Christianity is still building from the outside in with a mindset of "get your foot in the door, get yourself born again". This is all an outer court mentality. Then someday when you die, or if the "rapture" comes you can get into the Holy of Holies where God is.


We had permission to go into the Holy of Holies 2000 years ago when Jesus was resurrected from the dead. "Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need", Heb. 4:16.


Moses was told to go to Bezaleel from the tribe of Judah (Ex. 35:30) to build the tabernacle from the outside in. Our pastors and teaches today are still teaching the New Covenant from a Bezaleel mindset versus the finished work of Jesus Christ. Bezaleel is from the Old Testament that had rituals, regulations, formalities of doctrine that declared "do's and don'ts", what you eat, what you wear, who you hang around with, etc. to try to justify the atonement for sin. It was all a man was capable of accomplishing for the cleansing of their sins based on works. We say we are saved by grace, yet we immediately plunge into a ritual of formality to try to give a "good testimony" for the sake of being known as a Christian. Then we set up a mindset of judging others according to the standards we have from our doctrine teachings versus judging as Jesus did from the mercy seat of God, the Holy of Holies.


We live as if the New Covenant doesn't exist. The veil was torn of the Holy of Holies so we could go in, not so God could come out. Then when we do come out from the presence of God it is to be the reflection of who He is as the High Priest, Sons of God walking and talking as our Father with the mercy seat in us. "And behold, the veil of the temple was rent in twain from top to the bottom" (heaven was brought to earth), and the earth did quake, and the rocks rent; and the graves were opened….", Matt. 27:51-52. All of creation was effected when the veil was rent bringing in heaven to the earth, under the earth, to the graves of death.


Let's think about the habitation of a home, and those that live in the home. Almost every society has a cultural basis of a man and woman being married first and then having children. Anything other than that pattern does not give a clean identity of who the children belong to. Religion teaches that marriage comes first, and then children is the pattern established by God for the sanctification of the home in the natural world. Yet, is that same pattern taught for the sanctification of God's home, His kingdom?


Most denominations teach you to go out and bring people to Jesus Christ, winning souls for the kingdom of God. To bring people to accept Jesus as their personal savior so they can be born again as a child of God. All of this sounds good, but when is the marriage? How about the marriage feast? How is the marriage to Jesus taking place if your being born again, and how is the consecration of the marriage happening so that children of God can be produced? Most religions will tell you that your in an "engaged" state. Do we consider having intimacy with our beloved in an engaged relationship ok to produce children? I know that it happens, but as parents aren't we relieved when the couple gets married especially if she is already pregnant?


From the spiritual aspect of our unity in the family of God we are taught that children can choose their parents (being born again is our choice), and then we also teach that its ok to have sex before marriage if children of God are produced. Do we really believe that God has a different pattern of family formation that what He created for us in the natural?


What does this have to do with the Holy of Holies that I began this teaching with? We have the power to create, those that know of their identity in Christ are the ones that are bringing adultery into the Holy of Holies because they are teaching the word of God from the mind of man versus the mind of Jesus Christ.


Jesus Christ fore filled all the laws of the Old Testament. There is nothing more that he can do for His bride that he married 2000 years ago, which is all mankind. He died for the sins of the world for all men. When we acknowledge our own fructification as in Gal. 2:20 we receive the intimacy of the Spirit of God that waters and nourishes the seed of God already in us. Paul says in Gal. 3:3, "Are ye so foolish? Having begun in the Spirit, are ye now made perfect by the flesh." God knew us before the beginning of time and He made us perfect (Jeremiah 1:5). The sin (action) brought into the kingdom of God by Adam also brought time, flesh, and death. God made a way to have victory over time and death while still in the flesh illustrated by Jesus and the disciples.


Ever wonder why there is no record of any of the disciples dying a natural death? They were all martyrs or just disappeared. Every wonder what happened to Lazarus after he came our of the grave, or how about the many saints that their graves were opened in Matt. 27:50-52. These are questions most theologians will try to justify with an answer Like: "those things happened then, but not now", or "those coming out of the grave had to be born again receiving Jesus Christ as their personal savior." Tell me, if God opened your grave and claimed you as His child would you argue that you're an unworthy sinner? Would you argue with God of your identity if He says you are His child? If you walked with God in the flesh as the disciples did, or you died and God raised you from the grave where else was there for these people to go to? Are they to go back to the grave because the work that God did the first time wasn't good enough?


Jesus came and died for the world, for all mankind once. He completed the job. We were married to our beloved 2000 years ago. When we share the good news of who we are now to those that are lost from a relationship with God, it should be with love letting them know that it isn't something for them to have to do, but to receive. If they don't receive, then it didn't change the fact that they are still a child of God. They are missing out on the inheritance that is theirs to receive now while in the flesh. The prodigal son was still the son whether he came back to the father or not (Luke 15).


The other son which stayed with the father in Luke was angry because of the way his brother spent his inheritance, and then when he comes back the father restores his position. The father doesn't even scold his son or make any conditions for his return. The father gives him the power and authority back of being part of the family. The elder brother was with the father the whole time the younger brother was spending all his inheritance wrongly. He stayed with the father, but he didn't learn the father's mindset. The elder brother saw things from a tree of knowledge of good and evil, right and wrong. He was in "the field" (Luke 15:25) where serpents like to stay.


Verse 32 shows the father's mind to see the lost as our brothers in Christ Jesus. Our responsibility to the family of God, as the wife of our beloved is to seek the lost children and show them the love of their heavenly Father. The inheritance they can now have is the kingdom of God which is righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost.


We must realize that our place as children of God began in the Holy of Holies, at the cross, and then came out to the middle and outer court. To bring forth the Sons of God we must first acknowledge our identity as the wife of Jesus Christ, taking care of the children of God, and showing them who their heavenly Father is.


May this teaching be a blessing and a release of bondage, bringing forth a closer love relationship to the Father.