Coffee Conversation with Papa: 2022 New Year DECREE

Coffee Conversation with Papa: 2022 New Year DECREE
"My children are carrying oppression on their shoulders trying to deal with what humanity establishes as acceptance. The spirit of rejection and shame have been created in an atmosphere of the church that I never established. They have justified this spirit of lies using My Word.

Go after all those held hostage by these strongholds and set them free. Tell them, "I knew you BEFORE you were created in your mother's womb. You are not a mistake. You were a part of ME finishing the creation of all of heaven and earth in the beginning. I formed you perfect and beautiful. You are a gift I gave to your parents and the world carrying unique Heavenly treasures of My creative identity and nature for this season of time to bless the world with Heaven's presence. The free-will desire you have is not about choosing Me to go to Heaven but releasing Christ in you that I planted in your being to blossom and grow while you are in the world according to My design. Each time I bring a smile of love, hope, and encouragement, you blossom a little bit more. My will is for your full potential Divine self to Be manifested while you are in your natural body. When you have finished your race, and returned to Me, the question I will ask you is: Was ALL the LOVE I placed in you as a baby released to the world? All of creation groans for you to fully blossom. The world needs the heavenly treasures you carry.

You are created in My image after My likeness. When people in the world reject or oppress your uniqueness hindering you to release LIGHT, LIFE, and LOVE to the world, they are rejecting a part of Jesus Christ - His body! They are also rejecting ME, saying in their heart they know more than I do as they justify their belief with My Holy Word. It is a lie of religion. Don't listen to the lie, but bless them by shining brighter so that My Love in you will swallow up the lie they carry setting them free.

Again, I created and formed YOU, unique and perfect, with a Heavenly calling to simply "ARISE and SHINE" letting Christ in you Be a blessing of unconditional love to the world for-filling the prophesy, "death, where is your sting?"
Happy New Year!