Blessing Season of the Omer

Blessing Season of the Omer

Hi. This is Dr. Audrey Drummonds of Interior Coverings Ministry. It's been a while since I've made any videos. A lot of the reason for that is I just don't have a lot of time of learning new technology, and it just seems like technology is changing so fast that the amount of time it takes me to learn something new and how to apply it to get it out there. I want to spend more time in the word and finding out what Father God is trying to say during this season, and that alone is so overwhelming because he's saying an awful lot right now that I will write, I'll take notes, and I just want to share, but then the means of how to get it out there and share, I'm really challenged. I am very open if anybody has some suggestions or offers or wants to come alongside and help with the technology side of getting more of the good news of what God is doing during this season. You can find me on Facebook. You can send me a message.

But I am just looking out there to find out what your gift and callings are. And I know mine is oftentimes I just look into the scriptures and people will ask me and says, "Audrey, I wish I could just get in your head because what Father God is telling you, I wouldn't even have considered that, and I would love to learn more and more from you." I'm very open to wanting to do that. I know there's different means with Zoom and all sorts of other technology. So I'm open to your suggestions. In the meantime, we are finishing up a season of Counting the Omer in 2021. This season has been like a season I have never gone through before, of finding out what Father is really saying after the COVID virus, after the shutdowns, after a world global of fear and economy situations, political situations, so many varieties of issues, racial issues, and things that have been going on globally that have people in a lot of tension, a lot of anxiety.

I hear an awful lot of people saying, "The world's coming to an end. The world's coming to an end. The Rapture is going to happen." And of course, we've heard that for many, many, many years, and then when it doesn't happen, people were... They kind of lose faith in God. It's like, "Well, I thought this was supposed to occur and it didn't." So at the beginning of this year of Counting the Omer, which began on what you may know as Easter. I refer to it as Resurrection Day. And for 50 days, the Bible tells us that it's not about your salvation. It's about blessings. And so for 50 days, from Resurrection Day to the Day of Pentecost, the Bible talks about that it's a journey. It begins with 40 days of walking with the Lord. And then for 10 days after his ascension, he had asked his followers, his disciples, to go back to Jerusalem and wait, wait for the Holy Spirit.

They did not have a clue of what the Holy Spirit was about, but they knew a pattern and they had a relationship with Jesus as the resurrection, not as just the savior, not as the cross relationship that so often many of us do not even get beyond that. We take everything to the cross, but we don't come through the cross. We don't understand that once it's taken to the cross, we have to let it go. That means it has to be dead. But then for us personally, you can't keep bringing it up. You have to know what would Jesus do now that he is the resurrection. He's wanting us to have a relationship with him not just as our savior, but as our bridegroom.

So, for me this year, what the Lord had me do is go to Song of Solomon, Song of Songs that King Solomon wrote. Do you realize this is a book that majority of pastors really, really struggle with? They are very, very challenged on teaching it, and I asked the Lord why. Why is it such a hardship? And the answer I got was for men... And we still have a predominant male pastor leadership within the church. It's very challenging to read Song of Songs, without it becoming a physical intimacy relationship. It brings out a struggle. We know that it's a relationship between a husband and wife, and oftentimes it's taught in that respect. But when it comes to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, male pastors really, really struggle seeing themselves as a bride.

And it may be a head knowledge. You may be able to call yourself a bride as part of the body of Christ, as part of the church, but when you start reading the details of what Jesus is telling you and you're a man, you instantly can have a challenge with a homophobia situation. On the other side with females, oftentimes, Song of Songs is a challenge, especially married females, because in reading it, it's almost like the ideal husband that you would love to have your husband woo you and say this and say that. And yet the fact that, no offense, but many, many husbands kind of take their wives for granted. Maybe and as a newlywed stage, this is a great time, but you've been married for a while. Most husbands don't talk that way, but it's still a longing in women's lives.

Whether you are a 20-year-old, a 50-year-old, or a 90-year-old, we still have an instillment within us of a yearning and a longing to be beautiful, to be pulled into a love relationship. So for us, Jesus Christ is wonderful. It's "Wow. Jesus is talking to me, not just as a lowly woman, but as an intimacy of a bride and not just a bride, as a wife." The challenge comes if you have a natural husband. You can almost get to where you feel like you're cheating on your husband. So you just find yourself not wanting to go there. The key factor is this whole book, the whole Bible is all spirit. None of it is about your physical wellbeing. Whether you're talking about certain body parts, whether you're talking about eyes or hair, or whatever body part that may be in there, that body part is a spiritual body part.

So when you go back to the Song of Songs that Solomon is intensely, and you allow Jesus Christ to be sharing an intimacy relationship with you as love and as the lover of your soul, it takes on a whole different understanding. That's what the Lord had me do this time, and in doing that, I still had a few days left, the 10 days after the 40 days of the ascension, the 10 days of going into that space of what Jerusalem is all about. And the Lord went and told me, "Go to, breaking down verse by verse, Ephesians, the book of Ephesians." Well, why Ephesians? Well, we know in Revelation, John wrote to the churches, and the first church he wrote to was Ephesus, and the big factor of Ephesus was you have to go back to your first love. So what if instead of pushing people into this "sinner saved by grace" message, coming into it as you're already a child of God for Jesus died once and he died for all.

Whether you are in ignorance and in darkness and the unknown, does not change the DNA fact that you are already his kid, that you already came from good seed, and that it is actually a religious spirit that is telling you, you have to do something to choose your parents. So I say that is coming from the finished work of the cross and allowing the resurrection as the first day of Jesus coming forth in the newness, doing a total shift of how we read the Bible, how we understand, allowing the Holy Spirit to speak to us as a love language beginning with the Song of Songs by Solomon, and then going to understanding and spreading that good news that the kingdom of God is at hand and it's now, and that because you are a child of God growing up into the maturity of the faith for the unity of the one body.

Do you know that in Ephesians, when I was breaking down in Ephesians 4, and as I was breaking down, that there is one body, one spirit, one hope, one calling, one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God, one father, all through grace? I said Ephesians 4. That's where I wrote it down, but it's actually in Ephesians 2 that Paul talks about that. I went through and I looked up each one not by chance of what I might've thought it was, but what was the original? Do you know that every one of those words are nouns? If you use the word, like "Just have faith." Well, faith is a noun. Faith isn't just doing something. It's a being something. Baptism, that's a being, but yet we've used it in the context of to be baptized, "Go be baptized."

What the Lord was showing me is people used to be named according to their nature, according to who they were, that names, like baby names, were not a name necessarily like John and Mary and Paul, but that that name was given because of the nature of who that person was. So for example, my name Audrey means noble one. It would've been just as common in the naming to just simply call me noble one. And in saying noble one, you were also saying Audrey. So when there's one hope, it's not hoping in. It's hope as an identity. These are all the attributes of who our heavenly Father is, that he's given to us, and in the unity of the faith, we need somebody out there that's named Hope. We need somebody out there that's named Calling, somebody that's out there that says, "I am Faith."

And when we come together in that, what we are doing is we are not making bone structures of the skeletal of the body of Christ, because none of his bones were broken, but all of his joints were dismembered. So what we have to do is start bringing the joints of the one body and filling it with the one spirit of the Lord, so that we see one another as bone of his bone, flesh of his flesh in the unity of the coming of the Lord. We want to see the return of Jesus. We got to see him in us first because he's forming one body. There's more to that, but just like that process, and I look forward to hearing from you. Again, my name is Dr. Audrey Drummonds, and I'm with Interior Coverings Ministry. You can find my website at www.icm... I'm sorry. Have a blessed day, and I'll see you soon.